"The Mostar Bridge" Conservation Issues - 1995 - Graduate School of the built environment - Building Conservation - GSBE 0021 - Graduate Project.

Mira is from Mostar and she is an architect with a Master Degree in Building Conservation: she graduated at The University of New South Wales, Sydney 1996. Her graduation project was about rebuilding Mostar and its Bridge after the conflict.

Many thanks to Mira for her precious contribute and research work:

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Ferran Roig Saiz is doing a study about destroyed cultural heritage in former Yugoslavia. He has done a great research about the destroyed bridges in FRY (Former Yugoslavia) for his final career project in Architecture in Universitat Polit´┐Żcnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona.

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He is a political philosopher working at the University of Newcastle in the UK. His work is less concerned with preparing a plan for Mostar than with questions concerning the significance of the widespread destruction of the urban fabric in Mostar, and the problems and possibilities raised by reconstruction projects.

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Photo courtesy: PCU - (Project Coordination Unit)




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Ms. Meharg is currently completing her Ph.D. at Queen’s University, Kingston Canada and has created an NGO called Pre-Conflict Planners. Ms. Meharg will be seeking employment with UNESCO upon graduation in autumn 2002, and hopes to pursue a career in protecting cultural property during conflict and rebuilding cultural spaces in post-conflict communities. She and Dr. Brian S. Osborne will be publishing a book on these topics in 2004 – for the opening of Novi-Most in Mostar. Feel free to contact Ms. Meharg if you are interested in these topics, or if you have an interest in the Bridge of Mostar and its reconstruction.

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Tim Parnel's research is about one of the most interesting subject: Specifically, 'anastylosis', the reconstruction of fallen or unsafe structures - examining the arguments for/against reconstruction -honesty of approach - deceiving the public? Risking destroying archaeology to preserve architecture - emergency works and so on. The conflict of philosophies and priorities really.

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Davide Rastello with three colleagues is working on an urban design in Mostar and he will face the difficult issues of the post-war reconstruction. We hope we will have his contribute as well.

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