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32. Loads acting on the centering

The following table lists the loads acting on the centering during the work phases. The minimum load is given by the dead weight of the centering and of the arch and is equal to about 140 tons on each side. The maximum load on each foot of the centering is equal to about 260 tons and is reached when the spandrels and the wedges have been erected over the arch.

Work phases

Sv (Kg)

Centering + Arch





Arch + wedge + spandrels





N.B. : The dead weight of the centering has been estimated equal to about 11,5 tons.

The values referring to the second case (arch + wedge + spandrels) do not include the dead weight of the centering. Therefore assuming the above value of 11,5 tons, in the second case Sv gets values close to 260 tons on the left side and close to 253 tons on the right one.

Moreover in the second case, the values of Sv must be considered upper limits for the loads acting on each foot of the centering. In fact these values were obtained assuming that all the loads produced by the arch + wedge + spandrels were transmitted to the centering. Really the arch will bear part of these loads in a quote proportional to its stiffness compared to the one of the centering.

The Sv values for the second case represent the vertical reactions over the section of joint of the arch to the abutment (see following figure).


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author of the text: Prof.Eng. Andrea Vignoli other contributes have been mentioned in related paragraphs

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