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10. Stresses in the bridge

This paragraph refers the stresses in the bridge, which were determined in the load combinations described above.

For sake of brevity the graphical outputs of the program ANSYS are given only for some load combinations, while the maximum values obtained in each load combination are listed in a table.


11. Load combination 3A

  • 1,35 permanent loads + 1,35 traffic loads on the whole bridge
  • mean values of the elasticity modulus for the whole structure

fig. 18 - deformed configuration (load combination 3A)

fig. 19 - principal stresses S1 (load combination 3A)

fig. 20 - principal stresses S3 (in kg/cm2)

fig. 21 - principal stresses S3 (in kg/cm2) at the arch extrados (load combination 3A)

fig. 22 - principal stresses S3 (in kg/cm2) at the arch intrados (load combination 3A)

fig. 23 - principal stresses S3 (in kg/cm2) (load combination 3A)

fig. 24 - principal stresses S3 (in kg/cm2) (load combination 3A)


Intellectual property of this report and of the design drawings is owned by the University of Florence - Department of Civil Engineering

author of the text: Prof.Eng. Andrea Vignoli other contributes have been mentioned in related paragraphs

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Final Design Report

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