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4. Introduction

In current chapter it is reported a detailed analysis of the main design issues that have been examined during the performance of the Phase A. For each examined issues a proposal has been worked out and introduced to the ICE 5th session. The result of this study has led to the final architectural design, the conclusions of which are explained in chapter 3 of this report.

Most of the contents of this chapter have been taken from the Phase A report in order that it could be possible to better understand how most important issues have been analysed and developed, and how the related conclusions have been gained. Some of the described hypothesis have been worked out during the first steps of the works and have been improved by the time investigation results and studies were coming to knowledge.


Intellectual property of this report and of the design drawings is owned by General Engineering s.r.l.

author of the text: arch. Manfredo Romeo other contributes have been mentioned in related paragraphs

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Final Design Report

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