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PHASE 13-14

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6.4.13 PH 13 - Spandrel completion 

  • Spandrels finalisation making sure that masonry is well linked to the inner portions of the abutments.
  • Filling of the bridge until the spandrels level.

6.4.14 PH 14 - Centering dismantling

  • Centering may be dismantled no earlier than this time.
  • Centering may be dismantled later if the water level is not height and if the period of the year is still favourable (works have been completed in foreseen time).
  • Partial assembling of upper cornice and of parapets, strictly symmetrically, from both of the arch sides.
  • Configuration, shape and modality of disassembling of the centering, of scaffoldings and of any provisional structure is purely indicative and symbolic: it shouldn’t be taken as a constraint for the performing of the works.


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Final Design Report

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