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PHASE 11-12

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6.4.11 PH 11 - Lower cornices and spandrel assembling 

  • When stiffening rib construction is on going, spandrels may be mounted starting, strictly symmetrically, from both of the arch springers.
  • Cornices should be assembled progressively with spandrels on top.
  • Spandrels should be started in time in order to complete the inner masonry layer facing the lightening void, without having difficulty of access because of the progression level of the stiffening rib.

6.4.12 PH 12 - Load bearing centering release

  • Steel centering may be released at this progression of works so that the bridge arch starts bearing the loads and settles under compressive stress.
  • Settling should be checked and evaluated by survey of control points.
  • Settlings shouldn’t be higher than the foreseen ones, and arch shape should be verified with design.
  • Connections of the stiffening rib to the abutments should be verified and any eventual crack should be repaired and reinforced.
  • Stone slabs may be placed on top of lightening voids, strictly symmetrically, from both of the arch sides.


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