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6.3 Global construction phases: flow chart

Flow chart of global construction phases should be considered as a proposal for work organisation which will be co-ordinated by the PCU-TA and responsibility of it is not up to General Engineering; this also because most of the works that are included in the global flow chart are not designed by General Engineering and no constraints should be put in their mutual organisation.

In order to optimise and compress the global duration of the works it would be of great use to split them in two main categories: on site works and off site (out-yard) works; this also because there are many preparation works for the construction materials that should be performed before the real construction of the bridge starts.

fig.01 Works may be split in two groups that may proceed at the same time

On the site, all the foundation strengthening works may be started. Nothing will be, here in this report, specified concerning the foundations works since the design has been performed by CONEX Company and no interference should be caused. Here next it has been only reported a small symbolical flow chart which resumes most important foreseen interventions. Works on the foundations are mainly aimed at: strengthening, preserving from erosion and guaranteeing the durability.

During this phase also foundations for the centering will be provided, in order that the centering may be correctly fixed on a safety and stable support.

fig.02 On site works concerning the foundations

While the foundation strengthening are proceeding on site, other works may be started off site. These preparation works may be subdivided in three main categories:

  • stone cut
  • load bearing centering design and preparation
  • wooden deck for the intrados bridge shape

Just before bridge construction all the prepared material may be transported on site. Current flow charts are quite simplified and should be taken only as a reference for the final planning of the yard.

fig.03 Off site works concerning stone cut, wooden decks and load bearing centering

For what concern bridge construction phases refer to next paragraphs; while after bridge completion following works may be performed:

  • abutment walls finalising
  • surrounding areas settling
  • yard dismantling


fig.04 Final works to be performed after bridge completion


Intellectual property of this report and of the design drawings is owned by General Engineering s.r.l.

author of the text: arch. Manfredo Romeo other contributes have been mentioned in related paragraphs

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Final Design Report

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